Rite of Champions is a top down action hack and slash multiplayer game where you take the role of a “Hero” that gains powers with different weapons. Each weapon grants the hero a new class, each with three unique abilities. The hero can traverse through the world combating different enemy types, take on various quest, or simply battle in the arena, all of these can be done online with friends or foes.

What I Worked On

• Systems Design

• Game Architecture

• All Networking features

• Enemies

• Player Controller and Stats

• Special post Processing and shader effects

• UI

  • Dolor
  • Sit
  • Amet
  • Nullam

Main Responsabilities

• Responsible for the design and development of all networking aspects of the game using Photon a real-time multiplayer game development framework

• Designed and Implemented a robust network architecture for a shared world

• Programmed and integrated custom shaders and post-processing effects for the game using Unity lightweight rendering pipeline

• Implemented a monster spawning tool that works on online/offline mode for game designers and developers

Game Specs

• Date: July 2019

• Team: Trail Mix

• Genre: Action, Hack and Slash

• Setting: Medieval, Fantasy

• Rendering: Unity

• Physics: Unity

• Competition: Multiplayer, AI

• Sound and Input: Unity



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